Communication Strategy and Brand Development

We believe in combining long term strategy with efficient and smart communication concept and therefore follow a well functioning process that work as an indicative model to success. Our process contains a number of valid questions (why, what, who, how, where and when) that will guide way for progress when finding your model for successful Communication Strategy and Brand Development.

The process might involve steps such as:

  • Definition of SMART Communication Objectives (that relate to your business goals)
  • Mapping of target groups and other stakeholders – who are they, where are they, what do they know, feel and do in relation to you offer/message, when and where can we reach them in the most efficient way (in relation to your objectives and budget limitations)
  • Define key communication messages and develop creative communication concepts.
  • Create an activity plan that will support your communication (when, where and how)
  • Define KPIs and helpful metrics for follow ups and evaluation.

Digital Strategy and Digital Brand Development

To make the most of the digital era a well planned and thought out strategy for how you communicate and how well you come across and are perceived in every digital interaction is essential.

At Respectfully Yours we know how you should plan and act if you want to use digital channels and/or digital services to attract your audience/customer/clients/users.

We can help you plan, coordinate and align your digital brand so that it reaches its full potential.

We will help you make sure that your use of digital channels and digital service solutions supports your business in the most efficient way.

We know a lot about Customer Journey Mapping, UX and Service Design and will use reputable and effective tools and methods for digital strategy and digital brand positioning.

Our sister firm State of Concept can support you even further if/when you need guidance in Digital Strategy and Transformation as well as Service Design and Co-creation.

Targeted Communication Concept

Do you know how many messages that are competing with the one you want to get across to your target audience? We can assure you that there are more than you can count.
To reach out and not only get noticed but also make your message become perceived is a true challenge.

Respectfully Yours will help you find communicative concepts that will make it happen. We do this by combining your strategic plans with smart design and creative solutions.

We know how to plan, coordinate and align your communication in all channels, digital and analog, to make the most of every touch point between you and your target group.

We believe that every message needs to find its own way through the noise, so when you add a unique mix of flavor our spice while using a traditional recipe you find the remedy that suits you.

So if and when you want to make a difference, we will pave the way for your message to come across.


Public Relations and Public Affairs

Our main expertise in this field is how to use digital channels to build strong and useful relationships when you want to reach out and make a difference.

PR and Public Affairs, what’s the difference? Well mainly it has to do with whom and what you want to influence. However both PR and PA has to do with relations and communication. At Respectfully Yours we know how to!

Public Affairs is generally the term used when you want to come across and influence policy making and legislation. When doing so you need to build relations that are built on trust and understanding.

Respectfully Yours can help you with communication strategies and efficient packaging of messages that will support and strengthen your case and build relations with important stakeholders. We will guide you in how and when to say what to whom.

Public Relations can contain every aspect of gaining goodwill. At Respectfully Yours we will help you find the most efficient way to reach your target audience and each and everyone that can be part of building your success. We will guide you in finding the right packaging, the timing and the right channels.